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I'm selling brand new italian motorcycle Fantic CABARELLO 50 2T (2014 year) Motorcycle was tested two days so probably have 100km. Motorcycle from 2014 standing in dealer of KTM in Warsaw (in show room). Motorcycle was not registered so now is dificult to register it because of (Є 3 NORM). Motorcycle is brand new but have only one thing (left hendbar foto no. 5).Transport for this motorbike is possible for Germany, Nederlands, Austria, Italy etc. but first I must know direction then i can give price of transport. (I do not know cost of shipping now, so cost of shipping 400eur is inaccurate)
wheel front 100/18/17 anodized
wheel rear 130/70/17 anodized
breake 260mm frontbreake 220mm rear
front suspention (gabel) FRS 41mm
high of seat 875mmweight 84kgtank 7,5 liter